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Soap Box Derby

This is one of the most highly anticipated annual family events in San Diego, co-sponsored by Pazzaz Inc. and James Justus Automotive, and brings together youngsters (7-20 years old) their families, community mentors and even local public officials to learn, work, and enjoy the excitement this STEM program provides through downhill gravity pulled vehicles.   Workshops begin in January on Saturdays, from 10:00-1:00 pm, in the alley behind Bread & Salt, 1955 Julian Avenue, SD 92113 to select cars, with a meeting of parents/guardians,  mentors and community leaders, and participants. Workshops are every Saturday (unless otherwise notified) where the young mechanics and racers meet to learn the science of racing a gravity pulled car and to dismantle and rebuild cars which are adorned with creative and humorous advertising from local business sponsors and donors.  First Race, Soapbox Derby in the Diamond Neighborhood is usually held on Saturday in April, on Skyline Drive in front of O'Farrell Middle/High School, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Second Race. San Diego Soapbox Derby,  is usually held on a Saturday in May, on 22nd and Market Street. After qualifying heats in  May, the winners in various car categories proceed to the national finals.  Regardless of the outcome, a great time is had by all, speeches are made, donated refreshments consumed and the community spirit reinforced.

For more information contact George Williams at 619-750-2768, gcw@pazzaz.org  or James Justus 619-239-2208.


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