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For 15 years, Pazzaz coordinated  San Diego County's largest back-to-school conference endorsed by the San Diego Unified School District, the San Diego Community College District, and members of the United States Congress and California State Assembly. More than 3,000 parents and students (K-12) participated each year in over one hundred informative and fun educational workshops.Typical topics of the interactive experiences included, "School Readiness," "Math with Your Child," "Student Accountability Starts at Home," and "Graduating from High School."  Annually, over 3000 Backpacks donated by Office Depot Foundation were distributed during the Festival and were filled with educational supplies provided by local businesses and individual supporters.  The Rally held during lunch featured multi-cultural entertainment,  local high school cheer squads and ROTCs.  Nearly 100 exhibitors provided parents and children with additional resources important to their educational process and personal development.

-Please contact Zoneice Jones at 619-502-5952 or zoe@pazzaz.org if you would like assistance in planning and coordinating your back to school event. 


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